E.A. on 05/28 – This is my testimony regarding my healing today.  On Saturday of last week I became unable to stand without support of a person or table.  then on Monday and today I was able to move around with the pain never going below an eight.  However…, I came and had hands laid on me and now I trully am able to sit without the pain and pressure I felt in my lower back when I arrived.  Praise the Lord!

E.S. on 09/09 – Hallelujah! Give Him praise and glory! Upon my recent visit to bring my daughter back home, I stopped in to the Healing Rooms for prayer!! I had cataracts in my right eye, but I don’t have insurance until December so I went in for prayer!! Just so subtlely and peacefully, the Lord took that away and I can see clearly now!! I also went in for prayer for my hernia (need a hernia repair) because it was growing and painful. It stopped hurting and every day I saw it shrink. I can walk without it pulling me down and I can touch my toes!! The bulge is still there but it doesn’t hurt!! I feel like a new person!! Even my shoulder where I injured my tendon is not painful and I can move my arm around with no problem!! I just love the way He tenderly takes care of physical problems!!  What a wonderful day the Lord has given us!! Enjoy!

S.K. on 04/09 – I came today with severe abdominal pain.  After prayer, the pain began to leave my body for the first time in several months. To God be the Glory!

P.M. on 04/09 – I had been in tremendous pain/discomfort in my body for a long period of time in my neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands.  Diagnosed in 2004 with degenerative disk disease, osteoarthritis, and muscular necrosis affecting my whole body with many symptoms and levels of pain…  All the ministry team was very kind and encouraging, then when the prayer team began to minister I began to receive deliverance from all the extreme discomfort, pain and pressures.  Then I began to receive healing in my body…  I give praise, glory and thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus and my Father God forever!

R.P. on 04/09 – Came in with pain in arms, stomach and ankles.  Could not raise arm above my head.  After prayer I can raise my hands over my head…  Praise God!

M.D. on 04/11 – I was on my way to get some eye medicine when  I noticed that this was the day that Killeen Healing Rooms is open.  What a blessing.  I was prayed for in the waiting area with beautiful background music.  I was then brought to one of the prayer teams and they asked what I needed:  dry eyes, memory, shoulder pain to be healed.  I felt like a NEW creation and want to thank ALL.

A.G. on 03/14 – I came to healing room to ask prayer for my son, who at the time had smoked some drugs that were laced with some extremely dangerous drugs which brought about a drug induced psycosis. … he was experiencing hallucinations, seeing demons… and totally took on another persona totally contrary to the son we knew.  Through your prayer and intercession for our son, with God, we have our son back.  Glory to God for his healing power.  Amen!

M.A. on 11/08 – I felt the holy energy of the Holy Spirit moving and felt encouraged for my daughter’s future.  She will dance for Jesus and the walls will be torn down by the Lord Himself.  I prayed this last Saturday and today I received the confirmation from the prayer team…  I am optimistic and full of living hope!

S.H. on 05/27 – Prayer received by only a touch from God for RA suffering through faith.  Not just the warmth from prayer warriors laying hands, but the sealing of my healing by a spoken word. God bless this ministry.

J.T. on 09/24 – I thank God for the opportunity to be prayed for by the Healing Team of the Healing Room in Killeen, Texas. I received release (peace) to make a major decision that I was feeling guilty about.   As two Healing Team members placed their hands on my back and one Team member held my hands, I could feel the shame of divorce and the guilt of failure leave my mind and heart.  The long feeling of suffocating also lifted and a wonderful sense of peace and calm filled my heart and mind. I felt and still feel restored. The Team’s words of encouragement, words of wisdom and words of knowledge revived while releasing me on the path that God has destined for my life.  Last night was the first night that I slept without waking up every hour in over three years.  Thank God for the wonderful and empowering work of the Healing Team of the Killeen, Texas.

J.S. on 06/08 – As I sat in the soaking room, reading scripture, I was overcome with the Holy Spirit and the tears flowed endlessly.  A lovely lady prayed over me; not as a formatlity, but with words God truly gave her heart.  I was asking God to take away my fears – fears of rejection, fears of success, promising my work is for Him.  This was silently, to myself.  When I was taken to my group of 3 that would pray over me, we stood silently, holding hands.  Amazingly she said God put on her heart that I was feeling rejected.  The three prayed over me.  Genuine, loving, caring, believing prayers.  —  You won’t be sorry if you visit the Killeen Healing Rooms.  You will be healed, body, soul and spirit.  I will be back and continue to refer others.  Thank you for this ministry.

L.S. on 04/13 – Came in with mouth swelling and pain.  Both totally gone during prayer.

S.M. on 01/29/13 – My back really hurt and I was very light-headed.  When the prayer team put their hands on me I felt power working slow, but very hard on my back.  I noticed I was bending over at this time.  I could feel Jesus’ hand on my back…  I opened my eyes and for the first time I felt like 21 years old and I felt like a got a face lift – yes, brand new again.  Thank you, Jesus!

R.N. on 01/29 – I was in a serious car accident in 2011.  I got serious injuries in the head, shoulder and the eyes…  When I drove in today to the Killeen Healing Rooms I had a dull, very nagging pain on my left shoulder and my vision was blurred.  As the team prayed for me, and even starting earlier in the soaking room, when the team laid their hands on my I felt waves of heat going down my body.  I could also read small writings on the badge without glasses.  I feed wonderful.  I am healed in Jesus’ Name.

F.S. on 11/10 – I thank God for this healing ministry.  I went in to see you with a terrible pain in my left side…  You prayed for me and my pain was gone.  My exam came out good.  Prayers answered!

D. F. on 08/11 – My vision was fading fast in my left eye (lazy eye) and causing problems for my right eye.  I can’t/couldn’t even read by Bible at times because of my vision, even with my glasses on.  However, today I am writing this and reading small print without my glasses.  Things are becoming clearer.  Thank you, Jesus!

B. P. on 08/11 – I felt a release to let go and let God have my sons because He is the burden Bearer.  I praise God for allowing me to release my sons Dan and Corey to Him.  I know God is able and I can trust Him to do what He says He will do.

G. W. on 08/11 – The peace and tranquil environment of the soaking room has been a blessing in refreshing and restoring my spirit and soul, relieving stress and anxiety.  Since receiving prayer for my back, my pain has decreased significantly.  I so look forward to every opportunity to come for prayer and to receive and experience the awesome love, concern and prayer, and the refreshing peace of soaking and the healing room staff.

B. J. on 08/11– While I was being prayed for, the anointing of God came on me!  He spoke peace, rest and healing to me.  The ladies prayed for my healing for fibromyalgia to be gone and all the pain in my back to be gone and the depression to all leave my body in the Name of Jesus.  The precious presence of God was on me and I felt a warmth all over my body.  I know that God paid for my healing at the cross and by His stripes I am healed.  The Lord loves each and every one of us and we are precious to Him.  It is not His will that we be sick and in pain.  The enemy desires to destroy our faith and our testimony because God received no glory from our sicknesses.  But praise God! I give Him all the glory for my healing.  God is so worthy of all glory, honor and praise!

S. W. on 08/11 – All tightness in the hip area is feeling free and no pain, no tightness, no soreness.  My whole body feels more happy!  I actually have a body that is feeling all better!  Now that smile on my face if for real!  Now when you see me you can thank Him for the blessings of healing…

S.C. on 07/14 – I received healing of my mind and heart today.  Anger was consuming me and I was becoming hateful due to hardening my heart.  God healed me today.  I feel a peace, a joy, and I know it is not just temporary because I received it from God.  I was encouraged and reminded of His love for me.

J.E. on 07/14 – On July 14, 2012 I came to the Healing Room.  After listening to Roberts Lairdon speak about John G. Lake and the ministry he had to include the Healing Rooms.  After googleing “healing rooms”, I found out that Killeen had recently open…  I came because I had symptoms of hiccups and acid reflux.  While receiving prayer, the minister asked about my shoulders.  There was pain because I had surgery and there was some stiffness.  But after they prayed there was no more pain.  I received and the Lord performed a miracle.  I thank God for His healing touch.

B.M. on 05/12 – I came in just totally overwhelmed mentally over the task of learning everything I need to know about being an election judge…  But when I was prayed for, I felt a peace come over me that God was going to be with me and help me do this.  I just felt peace that I could do this!  I felt a lot of peace.  That is what I really needed.

M.F. on 05/12 – I feel Jesus touched my sadness and turned it into joy.  I feel a freedom inside.  The Lord showed me inside my heart and that I need to trust Him more, and that I am not alone.  I don’t have to go back to the past.  It is gone.  My future looks much brighter with Him. G.C. on

05/12 – What a beautiful experience.  I came for healing of my feet and walked away with a healed heart.  N. hit my needs right on the head; some unforgiveness of my past.  What a powerful discovery.  I felt the Holy Spirit so strong all over me, and a weight lifted from my heart and soul.  I have not sobbed like today in many years, and I have not felt so free of a heavy burden.  Praise God for the healing power of Jesus Christ.  N. even assured my I would have sweet sleep.  Now, who but God knew about that problem in my life?  God is great, He is powerful, He Is Love! S.W. on

04/14  –  I am walking without all the pain.  Ankle on left leg is not hurting, hip not in pain, right leg is more straight and spine is less painful.  Neck on left is less in pain and moves without aching.  My head feels more clear, and the smile on my face fells less stress.  I can smile freely!  Yes, Lord, you are great!!!  Thank you!  I praise You!  Give me continued peace, forgiveness, and lead me to sing your praise.  You will lead me, Lord!  Thank you, Jesus!